dimanche 6 juin 2010

Alien Tako Sashimi : Biiiiig goggle

I found some refs of night goggle ... but it's a little bit exagereted :p
Of course, the material is too shiny for a military use but it was more fun to do like this ^^

10 commentaires:

  1. It´s a really great ilsutration, the facial exprecion fits perfectly well, cheers!!

    "Cake ideas horneadas"

  2. great ! i like theme, the military thing is very cool, cant wait to see the weapon, i think will be great so see a video of you making your digital paitings, keep the great work on!

  3. swedish huh :p
    really cool, love the expression, and those goggles looks really cool!

  4. Hi Papa, excellent works! Are you remember me? I am Su, We are the friends of CGTALK, I just want to say, every one of your works are wonderful, and getting better and better! If you can, I hope to exchange blog links with you, and I hope to interview you in the near future (on behalf of the most popular Chinese website of LEEWIART) to introduce you and your wonderful works to the Chinese friends, do you think? My friend!

  5. Thx a lot for your comments :)

    Great Su ! Send me a mail ;)

  6. Great sounds! Thank you my friend! I have to send a email to you. :)
    I hope that I can do it better!

  7. I love how you render, so crisp and definite.
    no guesswork, it's pure skill!
    luvin' the tutorials you have on this blog too-moar!

    cheers my friend!