mercredi 9 mars 2011

Gong Li and tentacle

A caricature of Gong Li (for me the most beautiful woman of the world ^^).
It wasn't easy for me, I don't do this kind of lighting very often.
I was very inspired by the tones (blue/green) of my talented friend Denis Zilber .
I used a photo reference for her face.
Done (with Photoshop) for an exhibition in Paris and Montreal this summer.

And no, I have no problems with tentacles :p

8 commentaires:

  1. For me is Charlotte Gainsbourg, and i think it was a bad play of life for me being born so late and so far, i would have marry her. Oh.... sorry about this.
    Amazing work!! i didn't know about Gong Li, she is gorgeous! You did great tribute to her!! :D

  2. absolutely amazing. great detail and the lighting is out of this world.

  3. Really Awesome, Dude! The Lighting is just perfect!I love the render work on the bra ^__^

  4. tu es trop pouissant Serge !
    Quand t'arrêteras-tu de faire de si jolies illustrations ?
    COmment veux-tu qu'on te rattrape comme ça ?!

  5. beautiful colors and concept. I have no problem with your tentacles.

  6. Magnificent!! Like always.
    Ciao Angelo

  7. Looks great Serge! love that shiny tentacle and the way you did the glass!

  8. Tentacles. I could use such an octopus on vacation ;)