samedi 10 avril 2010

Jennifer Garner caricature

9 commentaires:

  1. Serge - very funny stuff :)
    and also - cool rendering!

  2. Serge - I am very glad that you take a step to the speed-paint sketches!
    It is nice to see how you make fast first brush-stroke! (for me especially :) )
    keep it up!!!!

  3. Thx Ivan ^^
    Well, I've got a lot of BIG pictures (more than 30 h each T_T) so I do speed painting for me because I don't have time to finish the next picture of Maria. It's a good exercice at least ...

  4. serge - Ok)
    I know this, you have a many cool big pics!
    I mean - it is cool that you post your thumbnails and workout pictures!
    You know this is inspiring)!

  5. Very funny ! Nice color ...

  6. J'irai pas jusque là ^^
    En tout cas, ça défoule de faire des trucs en une poignée d'heures ... ça me change T_T

  7. Great caricature,Serge!!

    Thanks a lot for the Making off ;D

  8. Your turn will come my dear, your turn will come ...
    Mouaaaah haaaa !!!