samedi 17 avril 2010

Plouf (2) ! - color testing -

5 commentaires:

  1. Very cool rendering, serge ! :)

  2. Wow, dude!! I didn't know you have a blog, will link you up now;)

  3. Good job, I like this stylized line-art. With your rendering on it, it looks good. So you started on the face, and will continue working more on the body later ? I really have to try this fragmented workflow ; it look ideal to spend 2h on a part of picture ( the main focus point ) with the satisfaction of finishing something, and finish other more boring part later hour and hour. Digital painting tool allow it, I presume ; cause with another traditional technique I would be affraid to loose the harmony on the global.

  4. Ca, ça vient de l'airbrush ;)
    On fragmente tout ...
    L'avantage avec l'infographie, c'est que c'est beaucoup plus simple d'harmoniser le tout. L'autre avantage, c'est que ça permet de se définir un "niveau de détail".
    En puis, ça rend la chose moins ennuyeuse sur des grosses images ^^
    Non, je pense que ça va rejoindre mes gigas d"unfinished works" :)