vendredi 26 novembre 2010

The love dealer part.1

First step of my next picture of Maria Gibson (
I will do a parody of the famous "death dealer" of Franck Frazetta (R.I.P ... T_T).
There will be a lot of fluffy and furry animals ^o^
Here's the first sketch (not very detailed, I know) and the first steps of Maria's face ...

6 commentaires:

  1. Uhuhu, ça promet !
    Hâte de voir ce bel hommage arriver à terme !

  2. awesome start serge!!!
    this one has a lot of potential, i will be tuned in :)

  3. Just stumbled onto your work through CG society and I'm smitten. Unbelievable stuff, I am now a devoted fan.

  4. awesome!! i want to see it finished

  5. i love this, serge!!! amazing work even unfinished!!!