jeudi 31 octobre 2013

Morgana and tentacles

My Halloween picture of this year. Done with PS with my small laptop.
My model was the lovely Morgana, one of my favorite model AND photographer:
Happy Halloween,btw !

vendredi 13 septembre 2013

Sir Adam of Whitecastle

Picture done for my son, Adam (5 years old). He was my art director for this one and it was a great experience. Funny to use my "concept art" style for a personal piece ...

I wrote an article about this picture on Muddy Colors :

vendredi 19 juillet 2013

Selina Bonnat

My own version of the autoportrait of Léon Bonnat. I had a lot of fun trying nearly all the standard brushes of CS6.

jeudi 27 juin 2013

Poison Ivy's revenge

Poison Ivy's revenge

An humble tribute to Shane Glines. I'm still trying to mix cartoon shapes and my usual rendering. This one was a good training for the rim lights
Done with PS.

vendredi 26 avril 2013