mardi 26 juillet 2011

LOVG - Single cover

Cover of the last single of the spanish band "La oreja de Van Gogh". it was a harsh work, I've done it in very short time. Hopefully, the members of the band were very kind and very helpful.
Done with Photoshop.

The song is available here :​um/la-nina-que-llora-en-tus-fi​estas/id450460304

mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Space Bambi

My last picture of Bambi, The character I created for 2DArtist mag ( The tutoriel will be available in the August issue :)
Done with Photoshop.

dimanche 3 juillet 2011

Warlock kitsch fan art

Fan art of the 80's german metal band Warlock and their singer, Doro Pesch. I tried to mimic the 80's album cover and poster of heavy metal :)
You kow what I mean : too satured colors, chrome, thunder, fire, leather, spike, etc ... ^^
I use to listen more ... brutal bands than Warlock and Doro but she was the first "pin up" I tacked up on the walls of my room when I was a teenager. She was the ultimate metal girl with her incredible long hair and her leather clothes. I saw one of her show few weeks ago and she's still beautiful :)
Done with Photoshop and Flash (for the logo).

You can find some steps on my FB page :