mercredi 16 mai 2012

Facebook 3D contest

I just started a little contest 3D on my FB page :)

Here's the link of the thread:

- Rules : Doing a 3D "beauty" render of this sketch (you can use textures/materials/maps but it's not an obligation). You can change light/shadow/contrast. Just don't forget I love shiny things :)
- Send me .JPEG file here :
- You can send me WIP too. I'm going create a "WIP" folder on my FB page. DON'T TAG ME WITH YOUR PICTURE PLEASE :)
- End of the contest : July 1st.
- Prize :
   - A high quality, signed print of "Fuchsia".
   - My signed artbook (on November).
   - Some goodies (Tshirts, ...).
   - I will promote you and your picture by all the ways I could :)

p.s : You can download the sketch on the FB thread, the file is quite big.

mercredi 9 mai 2012

VDC logo

A lot of people asked me to do T-shirts, so here's the first one.
I did a 2hrs long video of the process (with my horrible french accent ^^). It will be available on Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 4:
I did a wallpaper: 
You can find the T-shirt here:

mardi 8 mai 2012

Muddy Colors

Ok, it's now official :)
I'm very happy to be a new member of Muddy Colors.
If you don't know this blog, just take a look, there are so many artists I admired since years ...
Btw, I'm the first "digital" painter and I hope I could post interesting articles ^^

mardi 1 mai 2012


I started this picture a long time ago for a beer label. The project was stopped but I decided to finish the picture.
Chloé helped me for the shape of the label. 
Done with PS.