vendredi 27 juillet 2012

Ana and tentacles

Picture I made during my masterclass at Odd School (Lisbon). Just to show how I do cartoon face, skin tones, transparency and this kind of stuf ....
Thanks to Ana, she was a very patient model.

jeudi 12 juillet 2012

FB 3D contest results

I organized a small 3D contest on my FB page. I did a 2D concept and the competitors had to do a 3D version based on it :)
You can see :
- the concept here :
- the WIPs folder here :
- the final entries folder here :

Here's the results:

- Winner : Kris Costa a.k.a Antropus (
  Picture :

- 2 "honorable" mentions:

   - Yinxuan LI Dezarmenien (
      Picture :

   - Dmitry Cheremisin (
      Picture :

Thanks to the members of the jury : Andrew Hickinbottom, José Alves da Silva and Loïc Zimmermann.