mardi 15 février 2011

Comic book

You know what ? I will do a comic book this year :)
I'm working with a very good sript writer : Olivier Dobremel a.k.a Dobbs.
Here's the concept for the first (but not the main) character.
Once again, Maria Gibson is my model ;)
The next one soon ^o^

I added a little tutorial to do PVC/plastic/reflective material. As you can see, it's very simple if you are well organized ;)

13 commentaires:

  1. uuuwwwwoooowww...
    seus trabalhos são muito bons... sou tatuador aqui no brasil,agora estou te seguindo, de um olhada nos meus trabalhos também...
    um abraço e até logo

  2. Cool, un 44/42 pages en couleur à la française ? Je bosse actuellement sur un 7 page couleur en amateur à côté de mes commandes. J'ai hâte de voir quelques premières pages.

  3. Hey Serge!! Keep us informed, that is an amazing news! So can't wait to know more about your project, characters designs and everything! Best wishes on this! :)

  4. We'll be waiting. I hope there will be a lots of breast, aliens and gore. Best wishes!

  5. This is awesome!!! Can't wait for the comic book!!!

  6. Félicitations !!
    Il me tarde de voir ça dis donc !!

  7. Really? a comic book? i can´t wait to see the final result. like the Mercenary (segrelles)all painted in oils, you can make an outstanding comicbook.

  8. That's great! I love the little tutorial =)

  9. Thanks for the explanation! I really want to learn to use photoshop!
    Waiting for more!