lundi 9 mai 2011

Miss Holly Cakes

Mascotte for the roller derby team of my town (
Thx a lot to the lovely, beautiful and so kind Miss Holly Cakes ( be my model for this one ♥
You can find some wallpapers on the website :)

FB Roller Derby Team Toulouse :
FB Miss Holly Cakes :

11 commentaires:

  1. Good job, very nice, you're a master.
    Serious a pleasure for my that you wacth my blog, for, if you want, give me any advicefor to learn to draw applied to my draw way.
    Excuse me my english and thank you very much.

  2. i just love it o_o !!!!
    is awesome ,and I feel identified with her is brilliant!! i love it ,love it,love it

  3. Very atractively !
    But a question: Do you use by
    every new painting the same breasts (recycling)?? :-)

  4. No, but it could be a good solution, you're right :D

  5. Whicked chicks, over and over again.
    Very good, mon amis!

  6. Yeah....your rendering skills are ridiculous.... I'm always super excited to take a look at what you've posted up..


  7. C'est Fou!
    Comment tu fais pour enchainer toutes ses illustrations en aussi peu de temps!?
    Toujours aussi belles, sexy et vivantes tes girls.
    Je peux comprendre qu'elle soit le "Saint Gâteau" personne ne voudrait donner sa part au chien avec ses belles formes!

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