mercredi 7 septembre 2011

LOVG Album cover

Cover of the last album of La Oreja de Van Gogh (spanish band).
A very, very long work with a lot of characters and a lot of ... men ^^
I spent a lot of time on Leire's face because I didn't use direct photo references for her.
I already told it but I will tell it again ... all the members of the band were very kind and it was a pleasure to work with them :)
Done with Photoshop.

You can pre-order the album here :
I did the design of the special edition too and there are some steps of the painting of Leire's face within ;)
It will available September 13th.

15 commentaires:

  1. Très très impressionnant travail sur les cheveux mon cher Serge !!
    On est à la limite de la photo là ! :)

  2. excellent work my friend, really cool and calm atmosphere. i love it :)


  3. Very nice cover :)
    I'm glad the band was easy to work with too Serge :)

  4. Excelente trabajo!!! te quedo muy bien es una buena banada la LOVG aca en Argentina los conocemos mucho. La nueva cantante es muco mejor que la anterior!

  5. bordel de dieu !! c'est de l'illustration… et effectivement un boulot de dingue sur les cheveux… c'est de la photo !!! mais ç'en est po !!

  6. odio con todas mis fuerzas ese grupo, pero la ilustración es muy buena. Si venden más de lo normal, seguro que tiene que ver con lo bien que te ha quedado.
    Un saludo.

  7. AMAZING!!
    And +1 Daniel Pascual, although I'm glad they were nice with you :3

  8. ç'est clair qu'on est plus proche dun rendu photo que d'autre chose!!
    quel niveau de maitrise impressionnant!! o_O'

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  10. Hi I really appreciate your all efforts which is specially for the Artspace Company well done.