jeudi 16 février 2012

Corpus Delicti - Artbook cover -

The cover of my future artbook, available on November and published by CFSL Ink (
3 weeks of work (it's a very big file). I'm quiet happy with the result ... it looks a bit like an 80's classical illustration.
Done with Photoshop.


17 commentaires:

  1. Impresive! Great! Três bien! Excelente. Great work... I would be very happy to know how much time does it takes to do this one...

  2. Your finished renders are always so soft and clean looking... Great colors too... A constant source of inspiration...


  3. Woaaa (falling from chair). What an incredible art work you've done! The best possible teasing for your next book! I'll get it, I'll have to!

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