jeudi 11 novembre 2010

Nadine & lil' Cthulhu update 2

I had some advices from Monsieur Hubert de Lartigue ( so I did minor changes on Nadine's face.

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  1. perspective and skin tones ? lips are fine to me in both versions ...

  2. Like the new eyebrows...

  3. Merci mademoiselle :)
    Hubert est forcément de bon conseil. Le portrait qu'il a fait de toi est très joli, soit dit en passant :)

  4. So cool. I would have stopped with the first picture and considered myself to have done a great job, but the second picture is clearly better. Amazing.

  5. wow-at first glance I thought they were the same-but as I studied them back and forth the improvements are soooo much better! so sublte too-it kind of stressed me out(means I have to pay that much more attention) and also made me excited since I learned how to correct some common mistakes I make as well!

    changes I noticed:
    1. her left eye-the shape of it

    2. the smoothing of the eyebrow shadow into the face

    3. her right eyebrow-i make this mistake constantly!

    4.her teeth-making them more uh..flat?simplifying the shape makes them more appealing

    5. bringing the hair in closer to the eye(our right her left)

    6. her chin is less...uh pronounced

    7. her lips seem less red-more pink...

    did I miss anything hahahaaha..

    anyway-thanks so much for posting this! one of my favourite blog posts!


  6. Thx a lot Joe :)
    No, you've got them all :D
    Well, yes, the changes are very subtle :D
    Sometimes I think I loose my time with so small details but I try to do my best to be happy of my picture (at least, not too disapointed :D).

  7. I'm really impressed how super effective the advice of Hubert was.

    I think through his adice, the character became much more natural for the viewer. I wouldn't call it realistic but it looks pretty natural after that.

    I think she also became much younger, because on "After", the wrinkles of the corner of mouth are gone .

    It all became soft, young and beautiful,

    My favourite correction is on the eyes,
    looks much better with the emphas

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